Featured Product - Mylar® OL1AP

  • You rely on your packaging to consistently perform in the ready meal market. Mylar® OL1AP, manufactured by DuPont Teijin Films™, was developed with quality and consumer convenience in mind.

    Offering broad market appeal, Mylar® OL1AP is designed to go right from the refrigerator to microwave, freezer to oven, or any combination in between. An optimal choice for lidding films, Mylar® OL1AP retains its physical properties over a wide temperature range, while maintaning an optimal cooking environment through self-centing technology.

    Mylar® OL1AP polyester incorporates additional product features making it an industry leader for lidding film versatility:

    • Custom Printable: Mylar® OL1AP is chemically treated on the non-heat seal surface for adhesion to a wide range of printing inks. Identify your name brand!
    • Shelf Appeal: An anti-fog treatment is applied to the ultra-clear, low-haze film to give your customer a clear view of your product across a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions.
    • Product Durability: Mylar® OL1AP polyester film is 'shred resistant' for improved peek ability. Also, the high burst strength of 10-15" Hg prevents bursting in transit, and at altitude, during distribution.
    • Seal-ability: The Mylar® OL line of polyester films consistently seal over a broad range of operating temperatures & processing conditions, thus eliminating weakened seals or compromised performance.
    • Surface Flexibility: Compatible with a variety of tray substrates, Mylar® OL1AP seals to: APET, CPET, aluminum foil, PVC, PVdC, paper, and PET coated paperboard.


    Ideally suited for lidding applications ranging from fresh refrigerated foods and chilled ready meals, to more demanding environments, including frozen foods; Mylar® OL1AP is manufactured in both 75 & 92 gauge.

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