Featured Product - Mylar® HF02APSR Harvest Fresh Lidding Film for Produce

  • One film rises to meet the challenges of fresh produce packaging - complete with anti-fog and shred resistance.

    Produce packaging is a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. There are many factors to consider in your design, such as shelf life, transportation costs, branding, and sealing. Mylar® HF02APSR is a reliable and versatile product from the Mylar® Harvest Fresh line - ideal for clam shell replacement, fresh cut produce, and grab-and-go salads. It is expertly engineered to meet the demands common in produce applications:

    • Shelf life: Mylar® Harvest Fresh allows for customized O2 and CO2 exchange, as well as moisture management to extend shelf life.

    • Transportation costs: When replacing clamshells, a film based construction can reduce packaging materials by 25% - 40% for stacking efficiency. Additionally, a high burst strength of 12 - 15" Hg prevents containers from bursting in transit.

    • Branding: The printability of the ultra-clear, shred resistant film gives you the ability to brand your product with high end graphics. Paired with the anti-fog features, you can be assured that your product will have shelf appeal to stand out from your competition.

    • Sealing: The low seal initiation temperature and flat heat seal curve allows consistent seal strength over a broad range of temperatures, preventing weak and open seals during distribution. The short dwell time of 0.6 seconds also makes manufacturing efficiencies possible with more bowls per shift.

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