Featured Product - Melinex® RFL1 Film: Highly Reflective, Brilliant White

  • Tekra is now carrying sample inventory of DuPont Teijin Films™ highly reflective polyester film, Melinex® RFL1. This film is a biaxially oriented, glossy white polyester film available in a thickness of 600 gauge.
    The pearlescent finish delivers brilliant whiteness, while adding an average of 6 points in reflectance to standard white polyester film. Melinex® RFL1 is ideal for a wide range of light management uses: from reflectors in display boards and fluorescent lighting, to labels and luminaries.
    Features and Benefits:
    • Ideal for solid state light management
    • High efficiency lighting
    • Primary use as a reflector in LCD backlight unit
    • High reflectivity
    • Brilliant whiteness
    • High area yield
    • Registered with Underwriters Laboratories
    • Available in 600 gauge
    • Reflectors in display boards
    • Internally illuminated billboards
    • T4 fluorescent lighting
    • Labels
    • Backlights
    • Luminaries
    Consider adding a highly reflective, brilliant white Melinex® RFL1 polyester film to your flexible electronics portfolio today. Contact a Tekra representative for product samples and technical data.