Featured Product - Marnot® XL Hardcoated Matte Films

The Marnot® XL Matte Products are some of the most popular hardcoated film products at Tekra. Tekra actively stocks hardcoated polyester and polycarbonate in 20% - 130% gloss levels including an anti-glare product. By creating the various matte levels, customers have many options for the matte texture they prefer on the surface of the film. Customers wanting a very matted textured product would select the 20% material and a customer who would like a material that appears virtually clear with very low texture would opt for a 90% gloss level product.

Marnot XL Matte films offer increased scratch and abrasion resistance. The coating allows the material to be printed and run through post-processing stages, such as die cutting and/or embossing, without scratching the material. This protects the film and ensures that the design of the final piece will not be altered. Not only does the matte hardcoat help protect the film throughout the manufacturing stages, it also protects the hardcoat to help protect the film throughout the manufacturing stages, it also protects the base film and underlying ink. Once the final printed piece is in the field, this allows the product to withstand more strenuous conditions while keeping its original appearance.

In addition to increased scratch and abrasion resistance, Marnot XL Matte hardcoated films are very chemical resistant. Tekra tests all of their hardcoated films with more than thirty chemicals ranging from harsh industrial chemicals like Acetone, MEK, and Isopropyl Alcohol to household chemicals being in contact with the hardcoated surface for 1 to 4 hours at 73°F (23°C). After the designated time, the engineers observe if there was any change to the hardcoat and note it on the data sheet as a pass, fail, slight stain, etc. Chemical resistance comes into play heavily in the appliance industry for machine overlay applications.

Tekra's Marnot® XL Matte products were designed with printers in mind. They are able to withstand eight passes of UV curing before the hardcoat is fully cured. With competitive matte films, printers have to do a blind register for their first surface clearing windows because the hardcoat can only withstand one pass under UV light. With Tekra's hardcoat, a printer can second surface print up to seven times, allowing them to first surface print on the eighth pass to get the proper registration. By eliminating the need for a blind register the printer saves time and money on reduced scrap by getting the registration correct.

Tekra offers free samples for testing on all of our Marnot® XL Matte films. For more information or request a quote on Tekra's Marnot Matte Hardcoated Films contact us at 1-800-448-3572 or visit contact us today.

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