Featured Product - Marnot® Anti-Glare Hardcoated Polyester

Minimize that annoying surface glare!

Tekra's Marnot® Anti-Glare Hardcoated Polyester is just the product you need to combat the harsh lighting in retail and business settings. A common application for this material is a signature capture pad. The product's exceptional anti-glare properties, along with the scratch and abrasion resistance found in all of Tekra's hardcoats, allow you to easily be able to read the digital display on the screen.

In addition to the scratch and abrasion resistance, Marnot® Anti-Glare Hardcoated Polyester has high chemical resistance to household and industrial chemicals which allows the product to be cleaned without breaking down the coating or the base film. In applications such as the signature pads, industrial control pads, medical controls, and appliance overlays the material will see harsh chemicals on a regular basis to keep the product sanitary and with Tekra's hardcoat you can be confident it will withstand those constant cleanings.

The product's outstanding optical qualities coupled with the smooth and visually attractive finish make this a great material to use for touch screen, LCD and OLED applications.

When it comes to processing the Marnot® Anti-Glare film the product can be UV printed, first surface printed and is easily diecut and embossed. Having the product be processed and post-processed so easily allows the customer to reduce scrap that in turn saves time and money.

Tekra carries the Marnot Anti-Glare Hardcoated Polyester in .007 and .010 in 49" master roll width. Tekra is also a converter and can work with you to get the sheet or roll size that will be needed for your application. For more information contact us at 1-800-448-3572.

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