Featured Product - Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescent Hardcoated Polycarbonate

Tekra's Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescent (LI) Hardcoated Polycarbonate virtually eliminates iridescence, the 'oily sheen' or 'rainbow effect', often seen on coated films when printed. This iridescence is created when the multiple layers of a coated film refract light differently. Tekra's Research and Development team used index matching technology to create the Marnot Advanced LI Polycarbonate hardcoate to reduce the iridescence on the finished product.  This reduction in iridescence is especially important in the appliance industry where the 'rainbow effect' is easily seen due to the 'jet black' and 'appliance white' inks customers use.

In addition to the reduced effect of the iridescence, this film still has all of the standard hardcoat characteristics that other Tekra hardcoated polycarbonate films offer. The material is first surface printable up to 8 passes with clear, matte, and texture UV curable inks. This uniquie characteristic allows customers to register their print on the second surface before printing on the first surface which helps eliminate waste.

A few other key features of this film are the scratch and abrasion resistance that the coating provides the film. The material has a pencil hardness of HB and is perfect for use in overlay or nameplate applications. Excellent chemical resistance rounds out the main features of this product and offers the film protection from many harsh industrial chemicals including MEK, acetone, sunscreen, ethanol, and DEET.

This material is available in 7, 10, 15, 20, and 30 mil thicknesses. It is available in bulk form in 48.5" web width and stocked in 48" x 24" sheets. Tekra can also custom convert to any roll or sheet size needed. For more informatio non Tekra's Marnot Advanced™ LI Polycarbonate please contact us at 1-800-448-3572 or visit our website at www.tekra.com.

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