Featured Product - Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescence Hard Coat Heat Stabilized Clear Polyester

Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescence (LI) Hardcoat Heat Stabilized Polyester was developed to reduce the iridescence, or rainbow effect, that is typically visible on the surface of the film when a standard hardcoat polyester is printed.  This iridescence phenomenon appears when multiple layers of the hard coated film refract light differently, causing the rainbow appearance when viewing at different angles.  The iridescence is especially troublesome for appliance overlay applications, as it is easily seen when overlays are printed with jet black and appliance white inks, which are the two most common colors in the appliance industry. 

Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescence (LI) Hardcoat Heat Stabilized Polyester has solved this issue.  Using refractive index matching technology, Tekra was able to create a hardcoated film with little to no visible iridescence.  Applications, such as appliance overlays, now have the visual acuity and color crispness expected by consumers when printed using this film. 

In addition, no standard hardcoat properties were sacrificed to achieve low iridescence. Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ Low Iridescence (LI) Hardcoat Heat Stabilized Polyester has superior chemical resistance, including to SPF 70+ sunscreen and 25% DEET, along with excellent scratch and abrasion resistance. The base film is a heat stabilized polyester which allows for more dimensional stability within the product and gives the customer ease in the post processing stages. The Marnot Advanced hard coat can be first surface decorated at any point up to 10 passes. This is due to the fact that our hard coat does not fully cure until the tenth pass which takes away the need to do blind registering. This film has second surface printability with UV and solvent inks and it can be easily embossed and die cut.

This material is stocked and available in 7 and 10 mil thickness.  It is available in bulk roll form in 49” web width and stocked in 48” x 24” sheets. Tekra can also custom convert to any roll or sheet size needed. For more information on Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ LI HSPET please contact us or call us at 1-800-448-3572 or visit our website at www.tekra.com.

Low Iridescence Hardcoated Clear Polyester Film

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