Featured Product – LOCTITE® ECI 1010 and ECI 1011 E&C Conductive Silver Inks

Highly conductive silver inks for enhanced design flexibility & savings

In printed electronics, the requirement for more current carrying capacity in smaller footprints, continues to drive the need for highly conductive materials. LOCTITE® ECI 1010 E&C and LOCTITE® ECI 1011 E&C are two versatile silver ink compositions available from Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. Both products allow for design flexibility, increased conductivity, and permit the deposition of thinner lines and thinner print thickness - resulting in material savings.




This highly conductive silver ink is suitable for both screen and rotary screen printing. LOCTITE® ECI 1010 E&C combines excellent conductivity with optimum mechanical strength and flexibility.

Key Benefits LOCTITE® ECI 1010 E&C
Cost savings Standard silver ink with very low resistance, permits thinner layers/narrower lines.
Power output Low resistance allows high power generation in heating elements.
Mechanical Low resistance increase after double crease and mandrel tests.
Environmental stability Limited resistance increase when exposed to higher temperatures or 85%RH/85°C.



This highly conductive submicron silver ink is screen and flexo printable. The silver pigment is partly sintering resulting in optimum sheet resistance for excellent current carrying capacity.

Key Benefits LOCTITE® ECI 1011 E&C
Cost savings Very conductive silver, permits thinner line deposition.
Power output Very low resistance allows high power generation in heating elements.
Resolution Small particle size allows application of fine structures.
High speed printable Excellent flexo printability with high conductive layers.
Environmental stability Very low resistance gain when exposed to higher temperatures or 85%RH/85°C.

Optimized for design functionality, LOCTITE® ECI 1010 & 1011 can be utilized in a myriad of printed electronics applications, including: flexible circuits, membrane switches, smart card applications, RFID, and other related electronic applications. For additional information, please click here.

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