Featured Product – LOCTITE® ECI 1006 E&C Fine Line Printable Silver Ink

Halogen-free, electrically conductive ink with fine line printing capabilities.

The requirement for more current carrying capacity in smaller footprints continues to drive innovation for highly conductive silver ink materials. That is the genesis behind Henkel's newest fine line conductive ink innovation, LOCTITE® ECI 1006 E&C - now available from Tekra.

LOCTITE® ECI 1006 is a halogen-free, screen printable silver conductor, optimized with fine-line printing capabilities. LOCTITE® ECI 1006 is ideal for touch screens, digitizers, flexible circuits and other applications requiring fine feature printing. High resolution printability and good conductivity are cornerstones of this latest silver ink introduction; delivering excellent adhesion to indium tin oxide (ITO), etched ITO, and polyester (PET).

Key Benefits:

  • Halogen-free, fine-line printable silver ink
  • High viscosity and low particle size
  • Can be applied by screen printing through fine mesh screens
  • Good adhesion to polyester, foil and ITO sputtered substrates
  • Line/Spacing of 75/75 μm or even 50/50 μm is possible with very little spreading



  • Busbar support for ITO films
  • Membrane switches
  • Digitizers
  • Flexible circuits


Markets Served:

  • Touchscreens
  • ITO Replacement
  • RFID Antennae
  • Photovoltaics

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Featured Product – LOCTITE® ECI 1006 E&C Fine Line Printable Silver Ink Toolbox Resources

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