Featured Product - LEXAN™ SLX Films

  • Finding a film that can withstand color fastness and gloss retention even after more than 10 years of outdoor exposure is not an easy task

    To overcome the challenge of fastness and gloss retention, Tekra offers Lexan SLX films. While this films main selling feature is providing exceptional weatherability, Lexan SLX films also demonstrate improved scratch resistance over basic Lexan film and very good chemical resistance, including resistance to gasoline. Lexan SLX films have been used to replace PVDF and PVF in exterior applications.

    In addition to these features, Lexan SLX films exhibit good thermoformability with excellent embossability, making this product the ideal choice for automotive applications. With first or second surface printability and its ability to retain good aesthetics even after significant outdoor exposure, Lexan SLX films are commonly used as a paint replacement for automotive parts that would otherwise require painting. Other suitable outdoor applications include recreational vehicles, boats, and electronic covers.

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    Three products are available in the Lexan SLX series:

    GradeTextureGauge (inches)
    11010Polish/Polish0.010 - 0.030
    11A13Matte/Polish0.002 - 0.020
    11B35Matte/Velvet0.002 - 0.020