Featured Product - LEXAN™ Eco Friendly EFR Films

More and more of today’s companies are shifting to environmentally responsible materials, and Tekra is no exception. To help support this transition, Tekra is proud to offer LEXAN™ Eco Friendly EFR films. Made with non-halogenated, non-brominated, and non-chlorinated flame retardants, these films are helping electronic manufacturers comply with existing and upcoming environmental standards, such as the European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS).

In addition to benefiting the environment, these products are UL compliant and can be used in place of LEXAN™’s traditional FR films. Providing higher puncture resistance, excellent dielectric strength, and superior performance at very thin gauges, these films have higher property ratings than the competition. These product features make EFR films the improved choice for electrical applications including battery and notebook labels, adaptor and power supply insulation, and computer insulation.

Improve your company’s carbon footprint today! Call Tekra for free samples.

Five products are available within the EFR film family:

Product Color Texture Gauge (inches)
EFR63-NC Translucent Matte/Polish .005 - .020
EFR65-NC Translucent Velvet/Matte .005 - .020
ERF65-701 Opaque Black Velvet/Matte .004 - .030
EFR95-701 Opaque Black Velvet/Matte .017 - .030
EFR735 Opaque Black Velvet/Matte .006 - .030

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