Featured Product – LEXAN™ 8010, 8030 & 8040 Polycarbonate Films

Three products…ten main properties…endless applications…

As an authorized distributor for SABIC Innovative Plastics, Tekra has access to the plethora of polycarbonate films they offer. Within this offering, three are super clear gloss/gloss materials that have ten main properties. See the chart below for information on each of the product's features. 

One of the most common products from SABIC is the LEXAN™ 8010 film grade, which is a super clear gloss/gloss material that is often used in applications such as; in-mold decoration, appliance overlays, and consumer electronics. LEXAN 8010 is also commonly used in lieu of glass for indoor applications.

LEXAN™ 8030 film grade has all of the properties the LEXAN 8010 offers; however, it has the added benefit of blocking UV-A and UV-B wavelengths. This property is important in several applications including automotive interiors because it helps reduce the yellowing in the polycarbonate when exposed to sunlight. The final product in this trio from SABIC's Functional Forms business is LEXAN™ 8040 film grade. This product offers the same properties as the LEXAN 8010 with the exception of its added UV stability. Customers who use LEXAN 8040 typically are using the material in applications that are not exposed to UV light, so they do not need the UV stability or UV blocking characteristics. In addition to this feature, the material is FDA compliant, meets USP-V1 criteria, and offers radiation and autoclave stability. Given the aforementioned properties, LEXAN 8040 is often used in medical applications such as medical packaging, blister packaging, and ophthalmic solutions.

Please see the chart below for a quick and easy reference to find the product that fits your application. For more information please contact your Tekra representative at 1-800-448-3572.

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