Featured Product - JetView™ Latex Low Tack Window Film

JetView™ Latex Low Tack Window Film Brightens Your Message

Looking for a versatile window film that will outshine the rest? Tekra's new JetView™ Latex Low Tack Window Film does just that. Front-lit, backlit, or sunlit, this material stands out to help your temporary window graphic make a statement 24 hours a day. Reverse print to install on the inside of a window to protect the graphic from abrasions and be viewable both indoors and out. Tekra's new JetView™ Latex Low Tack Window Film has been optimized to work with Latex inkjet and UV inkjet technology for superior performance and ink anchorage.

This polyester film is dimensionally stable, offers quick dry times, lay-flat construction and can withstand lighting heat without risk of warping. Combine these features with easy, residue-free removal and this film is your new go-to for your promotional signage.

Features and specifications:

  • Excellent UV Inkjet and Latex Inkjet ink ashesion
  • Brilliant print quality across the color spectrum
  • Extra 'pop' when paired with a light source
  • Removable adhesives
  • Six mils thick
  • Semi-matte finish to diffuse light and prevent 'hot spots'

JetView™ Latex Low Tack Window Film is ideal for retail store fronts, office buildings, restaurants, department stores, and commercial environments. To request a sample or quote please go to the product page or your Tekra representative at 1-800-448-3572.

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