Featured Product - JetView™ Latex Inkjet Polyester

Brighter, wider backlit film with crisp quality and unmatched durability.

Backlit pieces need to stand out, be pristine, and are meant to outshine whatever is around them and draw you in. In order to do that, you need a material that is bright, big, and accepts ink in a sharp and vibrant way. Often times the media needs to withstand handling and long term use. Using the wrong film with the wrong ink set can result in cracking, yellowing, tearing, and blurry images.JetView™ Latex Inkjet Backlit Polyester is the film of choice for those backlit displays that really need to pop, as well as, withstand handling and long term usage. This film features a brighter white with a coating that was designed for latex ink adhesion. The coating also offers a color that is sought after by the retail signage market, because its blueish white appearance gives a clean crisp look to the colors laid down. It has a durable coating that allows for ink adhesion and scratch resistance great enough to eliminate the need for most processing laminations or clear coats.With a light transmission value of 43.6/100, it is translucent enough to ensure your light source comes through with enough opacity to diffuse the light properly and help prevent a "spotty" look from the lights behind it. It has been HP Certified for the HP Latex 3000 and HP Latex 360 presses and has been tested successfully with UV inks on Roland, Durst, and Epson presses. It offers a #1 recyclability rating and is offered up to an 87" web width and eight mils thick.The best applications for this product are menu boards, scrolling, retail and cosmetic signage. For free samples of JetView™ Latex Inkjet Backlit Polyester or a quote please contact your Tekra sales representative at 1-800-448-3572.

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