Featured Product – Henkel WIK20816-9 PTC Ink

Optimized for Skin-Friendly, Medical Heating Elements

WIK20816-9 is a new Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) carbon ink from Henkel Electronic Materials. WIK20816-9 has been optimized for skin-friendly, medical heating applications. With self-regulated heating technology, WIK20816-9 PTC ink can quickly reach its maximum temperature of 40°C (104°F). This is a far lower temperature than other PTC inks, making it safe for skin contact.

WIK20816-9 PTC ink is recommended for applications below 50 Volt. It is typically screen printed to PET, PEN, or other plastic substrates for flexible PTC heater applications. While this material has been optimized for skin-contact applications, it remains the responsibility of the OEM to determine the suitability of samples and products for the intended use including any necessary safety or toxicity assessment.

Tekra has decades of experience in the Printed/Flexible Electronics and Medical industries and can help you find a solution that best fits your application. In addition to a line of Henkel Conductive Inks, Tekra also offers a wide variety of plastic substrates like PET, PEN, and polycarbonate to complement your flexible electronic needs.

For more information on Tekra’s line of Henkel Conductive Inks for heating elements, click here

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