Featured Product – Force Sensing Resistor Inks


Using inks to print sensors has been a proven method of electronics printing for some time. Force sensing resistors are used in devices that exhibit a decrease in resistance with an increase in force applied to the surface of the sensor.

Henkel Electronics offers a two component force sensing ink system that when blended to a desired ratio, offers different initial resistance and sensitivity profiles which remain stable during the use phase. Tekra is your system solutions provider for FSR inks and related material components.

Conductive LOCTITE® ECI 7004HR and LOCTITE® ECI 7004LR are blendable with non-conductive LOCTITE® NCI 7002 to adjust resistance levels in the range of 50 till 500,000 ohms/sq/25µm. Targeted force sensing applications are wide reaching from: medical, consumer electronics, musical, commercial, and industrial end uses.

Key Benefits:

  • Two component, blendable FSR ink system
  • Permits required initial user resistance level
  • Maintains desired values throughout use phase
  • Matching high conductive silver components
  • Complete force sensitive ink profile


Markets Served:

  • Medical
  • Consumer electronics
  • Musical instruments
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

If you have questions or would like more info about this product, or would like to request a free sample, don't hesitate to contact us.

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