Featured Product - 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes

  • Some of the toughest surfaces are now the easiest to bond to...Introducing 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes.

    Substrates such as silicone rubbers and foams; polypropylene, polyethylene and other low surface energy surfaces can now be bonded to easily with 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes. In addition, the silicone adhesive holds with high shear, has good peel strengths, and has reliable solvent resistance. Four product formats are available.

    3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes Product Grid

    Product91022* Transfer Tape96042* Double Coated Tape9731 Double Coated Tape
    Adhesive TypeSiliconeSilicone


    Adhesive Thickness/inches (mm)0.002 (0.05)0.002 (0.05)0.0016 (0.041)
    Carrier/ Thickness/ inches(mm)---Clear PET 0.001 (0.025)Clear PET 0.001 (0.025)
    Adhesive Thickness/inches (mm)---0.002 (0.05)0.0029 (0.07)
    Liner Color, TypeWhite, PETWhite, PETClear, PET/PCK
    Solvent ResistanceHighHighMedium
    Relative Adhesion HSEMediumMediumHigh
    Relative Adhesion LSEMediumMediumHigh
    Master SizeUp to 48" wideUp to 48" wideUp to 48" wide


    *Meets various industry standards of halogen free, including JPCA's (Japan Printed Circuit Association) JPCA-ES-01-1999, IEC's (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61249-2-21 and IPC's 4101B.

    Secondary Release LinerProductDescription / Application IdeasConstruction: Caliper MilsConstruction: LinerSize
    Non-silicone50533M proprietary fluoropolymer release coat one side3.0Polyester, Clear13"x360 yd.

    Application ideas include:

    • General purpose silicone bonding
    • Vibration damping
    • High temperature applications (adhesive resists up to 500F; PET carrier in double-coated tape resists up to 300F)
    • Keypad bonding
    • Gasket bonding