Featured Product - 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes

Some of the toughest surfaces are now the easiest to bond to...Introducing 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes.

Substrates such as silicone rubbers and foams; polypropylene, polyethylene and other low surface energy surfaces can now be bonded to easily with 3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes. In addition, the silicone adhesive holds with high shear, has good peel strengths, and has reliable solvent resistance. Three product formats are available.

3M™ Silicone Laminating Adhesive Tapes Product Grid

Product 91022* Transfer Tape 96042* Double Coated Tape 9731 Double Coated Tape
Adhesive Type Silicone Silicone


Adhesive Thickness/inches (mm) 0.002 (0.05) 0.002 (0.05) 0.0016 (0.041)
Carrier/ Thickness/ inches(mm) --- Clear PET 0.001 (0.025) Clear PET 0.001 (0.025)
Adhesive Thickness/inches (mm) --- 0.002 (0.05) 0.0029 (0.07)
Liner Color, Type White, PET White, PET Clear, PET/PCK
Solvent Resistance High High Medium
Relative Adhesion HSE Medium Medium High
Relative Adhesion LSE Medium Medium High
Master Size Up to 48" wide Up to 48" wide Up to 48" wide


*Meets various industry standards of halogen free, including JPCA's (Japan Printed Circuit Association) JPCA-ES-01-1999, IEC's (International Electrotechnical Commission) 61249-2-21 and IPC's 4101B.

Secondary Release Liner Product Description / Application Ideas Construction: Caliper Mils Construction: Liner Size
Non-silicone 5053 3M proprietary fluoropolymer release coat one side 3.0 Polyester, Clear 13"x360 yd.

Application ideas include:

  • General purpose silicone bonding
  • Vibration damping
  • High temperature applications (adhesive resists up to 500F; PET carrier in double-coated tape resists up to 300F)
  • Keypad bonding
  • Gasket bonding

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