Featured Product - 3M™ Foam Lamination Tapes Now at Tekra

3M™ Foam Lamination Tapes consist of a collection of eight adhesive tapes further segmented into three different performance levels. The Level 1 platform is designed to bond to substrates including PU ether, PU ester, cross-linked PE foam and microcellular urethane and withstands temperatures up to 200°F. Two options exist in the Level 1 platform and include:

  • L1 + DCP - 3.5 mil double coated polyester

  • L1 + RT - 3.2 mil scrim reinforced transfer tape

The Level 2 adhesive platform provides slightly higher temperature resistance (up to 225°F) and bonds well to PU ether, PU ester, cross-linked PE foam, neoprene foam, nitrile foam, and microcellular urethane. The four Level 2 adhesive options include:

  • L2 + DCP - 4.8 double coated polyester

  • L2 + DCD - 6.7 mil differential double coated polyester (L2 adhesive face side and LSE acrylic adhesive on the back side)

  • L2 + T3 - 3.0 mil transfer tape

  • L2 + T5 - 5.0 mil transfer tape

​Finally, 3M's Level 3 adhesive platform is designed to withstand operating temperatures up to 275°F and bonds well to substrates such as santoprene, neoprene rubber, butyl rubber, and many versions of EPDM rubber. Two Level 3 options exist and include:

​Tekra can provide custom slitting services on 3M's new line, as well as, the ability to purchase materials in less than full pallet quantities. Call us today at 1-800-448-3572 or email us at orderscentral@tekra.com for more information.

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