Application Spotlight - Polycarbonate for Medical Packaging

  • Polycarbonate for the Medical Packaging Market

    Polycarbonate has become an increasingly attractive alternative for thermoformers looking to achieve steam or dry heat sterilization for medical packaging applications. LEXAN™’s 8040 polycarbonate film provides the physical properties and performance necessary to meet sterile medical packaging requirements. This film surpassed typical medical packaging materials, such as copolyester, when specific properties like tensile strength and elasticity were tested. Exceptional durability and dimensional stability make the 8040 the ideal choice for protecting the most intricate of all medical instruments.

    Available in 7 mils to 30 mils, the 8040 is a polished, clear film that is both FDA and USP-VI compliant. With a high-temperature performance of up to 265° F, this film can withstand autoclaving and sterilization without stress-whitening, pinholing, or loss of clarity. In addition, the deep draw thermoformability of the 8040 can accommodate a variety of different packaging shapes and sizes required by a wide range of medical products. Common medical packaging applications include ophthalmic solutions, blister packaging, implants, instrument tray sets, diagnostics, and specialty products.

    Property values for the LEXAN™ 8040 are shown in the chart below:

    Light TransmissionASTM D100390%
    HazeASTM D1003<1%
    Gauge Variation---+/- 10%
    Specific GravityASTM D15051.20
    Tensile ModulusASTM D882290K psi
    Tear StrengthASTM D10041170 lb/in