Application Spotlight - Menu Boards Using White Translucent Polycarbonate

The Health Care Reform Act of 2010 will provide many opportunities for menu board signage. Part of this new legislation is the section 4205 requirement for restaurant chains with 20+ locations to clearly post nutritional labeling about calories on menus, menu boards and drive-thru signage.

Tekra offers many types of LEXAN 8A23 filmsFor this type of application LEXAN™ 8A23-WH4034X in 0.010” gauge is used. This white translucent polycarbonate film is great for restaurant menu boards, drive-thru displays, vending machines or P.O.P. signage.

One reason to use this film can be to eliminate processing steps. Instead of purchasing a clear polycarbonate film and than adding a white ink to the film; the WH4034X film already has the desired white color as part of the film itself.

Another performance reason for switching to this product can be better temperature resistance. Many signage applications use white translucent polystyrene. However, polycarbonate has a roughly 100 degree Fahrenheit temperature advantage over polystyrene (Vicat softening temperature of 323°F versus 215°F, respectively). Thus, graphic signage is less prone to be adversely impacted by temperature during shipping/storage or by the application environment.

The WH4034X comes with a gloss polished texture on one side of the film and it has a matte texture on the other side. LEXAN™ 8A23-WH4034X has all of the traditional benefits of a polycarbonate film. The white film has excellent printability, dimensional stability, easy to die-cut and processes the same as clear polycarbonate film.

The film arrives to Tekra in 48”x1925LFT rolls and it can be converted to any sheet or roll size the customer desires. Tekra stocks the most popular gauge size of 0.010”. Samples in 8”x10” sheets are available through your local Tekra representative.

Consider LEXAN™ 8A23-WH4034X for your next menu board application that requires a white translucent 0.010” film! If you have questions or would like more info about this resource, don't hesitate to contact us.

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