Application Spotlight - LEXAN™ HPFDF for Freezer Doors

Polycarbonate Film for Anti-Fog Freezer Doors

Most grocery and convenience stores use door heaters to reduce the condensation that occurs when the freezer door is opened. While this does prevent some fogging for better customer visibility, it is also expensive in terms of energy consumption and time it takes to install the heaters. LEXAN™'s High Performance Freezer Door Film (HPFDF) resolves these issues and provides additional benefits.

LEXAN™'s HPFDF is a one sided coated polycarbonate film with an adhesive backing that is quick and easy to install and required very little maintenance. Available in 10 mil, its proprietary anti-fog coating provides improved optical clarity when compared to door heaters. This allows products inside the freezer case to remain fully visible to customers, thus enhancing their shopping experience and increasing sales potential.

Best of all, this film drastically cuts store energy costs by eliminating the need to use the door heaters, which would normally be on 100 percent of the time. Like LEXAN™'s other HP films, the HPFDF is chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and printable. The ability to be screen or digitally printed is an additional benefit for stores or manufacturers looking to add branding and advertising to the freezer cases.

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