Chilled Ready Meal Packaging Films

Chilled ready meals are becoming increasingly popular in the supermarket space, with steady growth projected in the upcoming years for the grab-and-go food market. From sandwiches to whole entrees, Tekra and DuPont Teijin Films™ have a solution in the line chilled ready meal packaging films to meet the needs of your application. A film based construction can offer significant packaging reduction, while extending the shelf life to keep your product fresh. Additionally, Mylar® polyester heat sealant film has broad FDA and EU compliance, strong seals for tamper evident packaging, and easy peal with minimal shredding. Key advantages include:

  • Tailored for shelf stable, refrigerated, or frozen foods
  • Excellent seal integrity to a variety of tray substrates
  • Retains exceptional physical properties over a wide temperature range
  • Engineered to self-vent during the oven cooking cycle for steam release
  • Flavor barrier properties that seal in freshness and prevent freezer burn
  • Customizable with anti-fog and corona treatments