Lidding Films & Sealant Packaging Films

For decades, Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc. has partnered with DuPont Teijin Films™ to bring the newest innovations in polyester films to market with exceptional service and attention to detail. The Mylar® polyester line of lidding films and sealant packaging films center on consumer convenience and shelf appeal, while reducing waste and increasing efficiency in the manufacturing process. A thin, functional heat seal layer is added onto the polyester film to create a one-step solution for your application—with features ranging from gas exchange for fresh produce, to self-venting for cook applications. There are a wide range of end uses for the Mylar® polyester lidding films, with a focus on four key food industry markets:

  • Fresh Produce Packaging Films: Mylar® Harvest Fresh line of packaging film for fresh cut produce to give products maximum longevity through expert attention to respiration rates and shelf life
  • Frozen Food Packaging Films: Oven ready and microwavable Mylar® polyester lidding film solutions are custom tailored for adhesion to various tray substrates
  • Chilled Ready Meal Packaging Films: Provide fresh, on-the-go solutions for the consumer with anti-fog and corona treated Mylar® polyester film options
  • Ovenable Packaging Films: The self-venting and temperature resistant properties of Mylar® lidding films allow for freezer to oven convenience

Fresh Produce Packaging Films

Mylar® Harvest Fresh films offer a convenient and efficient solution for fresh produce packaging.

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Frozen Food Packaging Films

Microwavable and ovenable Mylar® polyester films have excellent seal and easy peel compatibility with a wide range of tray substrates.

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TV Dinners

Chilled Ready Meal Packaging Films

The portfolio Mylar® polyester films are engineered to meet the challenges of the grab-and-go meal market with solutions for sandwiches, whole entrees, and more.

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Ovenable Packaging Films

Mylar® polyester film is an optimum choice for ovenable applications, ranging from tray lids for frozen meals to flow wrap for bakery products.

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Barrier Packaging Films

Mylar® polyester barrier films for packaging act as a superior moisture and oxygen barrier to extend the shelf life of perishable goods.

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Cap Liner Films

Mylar® CL cap liner film for induction sealing offers manufacturing efficiencies, shelf appeal, convenience, and freshness you can count on.

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