MELINEX® ST339 is a stabilized, opaque white polyester film with superb handling and lay flat properties that is pre-treated on both surfaces to promote adhesion to most industrial coatings.


  • MELINEX® ST339 2 mil (50 microns)
  • MELINEX® ST339 3 mil (75 micron)
  • MELINEX® ST339 3.8 mil (95 micron)
  • MELINEX® ST339 5 mil (125 micron)
  • MELINEX® ST339 7 mil (175 micron)
  • MELINEX® ST339 10 mil (250 micron)


  • Superb handling and lay flat properties


  • Applications where the film is exposed to high temperatures, film shrinkage and flatness after the heat exposure is critical

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