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Mylar® RL42 is a polyester packaging film that self-vents during microwave cooking for refrigerated and frozen foods. It provides the best seal with firm peel to PP and MFPP trays. Common applications include lidding film for frozen meals, chilled ready meals, sandwich trays, and refrigerated snacks.


  • MYLAR® RL42 0.5 mil (12.5 micron)
  • MYLAR® RL42 0.75 mil (18.75 micron)
  • MYLAR® RL42 1.0 mil (25 micron)
  • MYLAR® RL42 1.5 mil (37.5 micron)


  • BOPET film with an EVA heat seal layer one side
  • Self-venting and microwaveable
  • Firm peel when sealed to PP, MFPP & more
  • Corona treatment and/or anti-fog available upon request


  • Sandwich trays
  • Desserts
  • Chilled ready meals
  • Frozen meals
  • Refrigerated snacks

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