Cap Liner Films

Mylar® CL is a cap liner film for induction sealing drink bottles, peanut butter, hot fill, and similar applications. The ease of lamination, lay flat, & die cut properties offers significant manufacturing efficiencies. The sealing technology reduces leaks and offers tamper evidence, while also making an easy-peel opening. Additionally, the barrier functionality of the film extends the shelf life of the product.

How do induction seal cap liners work?

After the cap or closure is applied, the container passes under an induction coil, which emits an oscillating electromagnetic field. As the container passes under the induction coil (sealing head) the conductive aluminum foil liner begins to heat due to eddy currents which radiate to the outside edge of the cap liner. The heat initiates the heat seal coating of the Mylar® CL and seals to the flange or lip of the container. When cooled, the polymer creates a bond with the container resulting in a hermetically sealed product.


    • Similar to Mylar OL2 with stronger seals at temps above 180 F
    • Heat sealable
    • Ease of lamination, lay flat & die cut properties
    • Easy peel opening