JetView Latex White Translucent Backlit Polyester

JetView™ Latex White Translucent Backlit Polyester is offered 8 mils thick, and is optimized for latex inkjet and UV inkjet printing. This film offers excellent color vibrancy, scratch resistance, water resistance and immediate adhesion and dry time. This eco-friendly product is ideal for menu boards, tradeshow graphics, highend POP and cosmetic graphics, billboards and high-end retail signage.


  • JetView Latex White Translucent Polyester 8 mil (200 micron)


  • Excellent latex ink adhesion and scratch resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Quick and immediate adhesion and dry time
  • Vibrant color with high ink density
  • 8 mil
  • 50", 60" and 87" web widths
  • Eco-friendly


  • Menu Boards
  • Trade show graphics
  • High end POP and cosmetic graphics
  • Airport, train, and subway station graphics
  • Sports stadium graphics
  • High end retail signage

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