DPF 50WD CLEAR-Calendered Vinyl Removable Decal Film

DPF 50WD is a 4-mil (100 micron) clear vinyl film with a clear low tack removable pressure-sensitive adhesive. The low tack adhesive is designed to bond well to glass surfaces while removing cleanly in a wide range or temperatures. DPF 50WD has a premium moisture stable polycoated lay-flat liner that is optimal for printing on a variety of print systems.


  • DPF 50WD CLEAR-Calendered Vinyl Removable Decal Film 4 mil (100 micron)


  • Printable via Solvent, Eco-Solvent, UV, or Latex inkjet printers
  • Clear Adhesive
  • Conforms well to flat and irregular surfaces
  • Outdoor durability for up to 7 years (unprinted)


  • Window Decals and Displays
  • Appliance Decals
  • High Energy Surfaces
  • Horizontal Applications

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