Dura-Go/ Lenstar Lenticular 101.6 LPI (Lines per inch)

Dura-Go® Lenstar Lenticular material for HP Indigo ink print-receptivity with specialty software. This material is designed with 101.6 LPI to create a dramatic, 3D effect when reverse printed. Offered in 14 mil thickness, it has a heat stabilized, sustainable polyester resin and is nearly optically clear. Typical applications include POP graphics, DVD covers, magnet face stocks, promotional graphics and business cards.


  • Dura-Go/ Lenstar Lenticular 101.6 LPI (Lines per inch) 14 mil (350 micron)


  • Designed for use with the HP Indigo 5600 press
  • 101.6 lenticules per inch parallel to the 12 inch side of the sheet
  • Lead edge optimized for printing
  • Allows you to reverse print on lenticular sheet


  • POP graphics
  • CD and DVD covers
  • Magnet face stock
  • Other promotional applications

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