Terrapin® Hardcoated Film

The Terrapin® family of polyester and polycarbonate hardcoats is designed to be optically clear and highly resistant to scratching.  Delivering a combination of high optical clarity, abrasion resistance, and excellent protection from chemical solvents and cleaners, Terrapin® is the preferred choice for opto-electronic devices.  Typical applications include touchscreens, flat panel displays, cell phone windows, signature capture devices, and high-end overlays.

Available on either polyester or polycarbonate films, Tekra’s Terrapin offering includes two products, Terrapin S and Terrapin G.  Providing good flexibility for thermoforming and enhanced pencil hardness, Terrapin S is often used in many touchscreen and lens applications.  Like Terrapin S, Terrapin G also provides good flexibility, as well as the highest rating for pencil hardness and chemical resistance.  Terrapin G also draws on nanotechnology to raise the bar for surface durability while retaining optical clarity.  In addition, Terrapin G exhibits superior adhesion to a variety of sputter coated metals and oxides.              

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