Teonex® PEN Films

Teonex® PEN film is a biaxial oriented polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) product. Manufactured by Toyobo Film Solutions Limited™, Teonex® PEN fills the performance gap between durable polyester PET films and high-performance polyimide films. Tekra can make a recommendation for Teonex® PEN film based on your specific performance requirements.

Teonex® PEN film has many superior properties such as strength, heat resistance, anti-hydrolysis, dimensional stability, and low oligomer extraction. These attributes provide performance improvements over polyester PET while also having cost advantages over highly engineered films like polyimides. Similar to other polyester films, Teonex® also has good dielectric properties, chemical resistance, and handling properties.

Teonex® PEN films are ideal for electrical insulation applications in high temperature environments, such as automotive batteries and fuel cells, solar cells, flat flexible cables, flexible printed circuitry, motors, capacitors, and transformers.

Teonex® PEN films should be considered a specialty product offering. Product is manufactured in gauges from 1 mil to 10 mil. Based on volume, stocking programs can be established to lessen the impact of product availability and lead times. The most commonly produced Teonex® PEN film types are:

Teonex® PEN Film

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