Tekra Brand

Tekra’s brand private label offering has the quality performance you want at the price you need. Label stocks can be broken into four components: Face stock, top coat, adhesive and liner.   Each component can affect the performance of the total construction.   The majority are available with either removable or permanent adhesives.    Face stock options and their differentiating factors include:

  • Flexible Vinyl- Economic option for labels, emblems and signs with good outdoor durability.
  • Semi-Rigid Vinyl-Outdoor durability exceeds 2 years.
  • Rigid-Vinyl-Designed to produce higher quality markings, labels or signs.   Also available with a cold temperature adhesive option.   
  • Polyester- Used to produce high quality, durable markings requiring higher dimensional stability subjected to higher temperatures.   
  • Aluminum Foil Tapes- Used to produce nameplates and instruction panels for appliances, dials and control panels.   The tapes are also used to produce tamperproof labels.   
  • Overlaminate- Used to protect printed graphic from abuse and for creating a highly decorative marking.   
  • Cast Vinyl- Suitable for use in long term outdoor applications.  

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