Polycarbonate and Polyester Films for Latex Inkjet Printing

The newest generation of inkjet technology is using water-based latex inks.  This newest inkjet revolution allows unrivaled versatility and outstanding quality of print.  Tekra's JetView™ Latex Inkjet brand of polycarbonate and polyester films for latex inkjet printing excels at matching these levels of quality and are the films of choice for latex inkjet printers.

JetView™ Latex Inkjet polycarbonate films offer excellent latex ink adhesion including inks with heavy solids.  The inks have immediate dry time to the film.  JetView™ Latex Inkjet films are used extensively on the HP Latex 3000 and HP Latex 3500 presses and testing continues with other latex inkjet technologies.  Common applications for JetView™ Latex Inkjet polycarbonate films include backlit signs and point of purchase signs.

JetView™ Latex Inkjet polyester films offer excellent ink adhesion, scratch and water resistance, with a vibrancy across the color spectrum.  A variety of roll widths up to 87" wide are available.

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