3M™ X-Series XR8123

3M™ X-Series Rubber Adhesive Tapes remove cleanly from most smooth surfaces, but also adhere well to porous or rough surfaces. These tapes are often used in retail and point-of-purchase markets for tags, labels, posters and signs. The heavier-weight tapes are used for fixturing and plate mounting applications, as well as in attaching commercial carpet and adhering foams and fabrics. 3M™ X-Series Rubber Adhesive Tapes also adhere well to paperboard and corrugated for packaging.


  • 3M™ X-Series XR8123


  • Rubber Adhesive
  • quick stick
  • Removable from most smooth unified surfaces
  • Flatback paper carrier
  • 9 mil double coated tape


  • Temporary mounting of fixtures
  • Dies
  • forms and wood cuts
  • printing plates to print cylinders

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