Polycarbonate Films for Clear, Graphic, and Optical Applications

Tekra offers LEXAN clear, graphic, and optical films in a wide variety of surface finishes and textures to deliver top quality performance and unlimited versatility. For customers needing a smooth, polished surface on both sides of a clear film, LEXAN 8010 is the product of choice. LEXAN™ polished films offer 86% to 92% light transmission for optimal clarity across all gauges. Excellent ink adhesion without pretreatment and easy formability makes LEXAN™ polished films the proven choice for in-mold decoration (IMD) applications for automotive interiors, appliances, and consumer electronics.

Additional Key Benefits:

  • True color reproduction
  • Excellent depth effect with no loss of vividness in second-surface printing
  • Thermal stability even at 133°C (270°F), with a continuous use temperature of 85°C (185°F)
  • Design freedom

LEXAN™ Textured Films

Other LEXAN™ films combine surface textures such as velvet, matte, or suede for broad design flexibility and aesthetic appeal. Either one-side or two-side textured products can be designed with square corners, straight sides, narrow-width lines, and flat plateaus. In addition to providing a desired look and feel, specialty textures enable light diffusion and no "hot spots" in backlit applications. Potential applications include lighting and display applications, automotive dashboard and interior applications, and consumer electronics.

Additional Key Benefits:

  • Outstanding dimensional stability and ductility
  • Textures hide away scratches and wear
  • Outstanding formability facilitating large-scale production using IMD
  • Excellent clean edge die-cutability

Clear, Graphic, and Optical Polycarbonate Films Products


  • Velvet finish one side, Polish finish second side clear polycarbonate film
  • Good printability
  • Can be screen printed using traditional solvent based or water based inks
  • High heat resistance
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