Hardcoated PET

Tekra offers an assortment of manufactured branded products with specific characteristics to meet the vast needs of various marketplaces.

Marnot® XL

Tekra’s Marnot® XL on polyester offers superior abrasion, scratch, and chemical resistance.  Available in one or two side coated, with clear or matte coatings, Tekra's Marnot XL polyester meets the stringent requirements of the appliance, nameplate, membrane touch switch, and lens markets.  With 20, 55, 75 and 90 gloss levels available, these films offer various polished and matte finishes for a wide range of applications. 

Additional benefits include:

  • Improved pencil hardness of up to 2H
  • Outstanding embossability
  • Excellent die-cutability
  • First and second surface printability with solvent and UV inks, including clearing inks


Marnot Advanced™

Tekra’s Marnot Advanced™ on polyester is the next generation protective hardcoat that provides all the benefits of Marnot® XL plus a higher pencil hardness rating and added chemical resistance to sunscreen and insect repellent. These hardcoated films are ideal for the appliance, nameplate, membrane touch switch, and lens markets.  

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased pencil hardness of up to 3H
  • Enhanced chemical resistance over Marnot XL including resistance to SPF 70+ sunscreen and insect repellent with 25% DEET
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding embossability
  • Excellent diecutability
  • First and second surface printability with solvent and UV inks, including clearing inks



ProTek® is Tekra’s line of premium protective hardcoat films designed for those requiring higher optical quality or processing performance.  Within the ProTek® polyester offering is a fine texture, satin, and weatherable option.  All of these options are abrasion and chemical resistant and are able to accept multiple passes of UV inks.  ProTek® Weatherable is Tekra’s exclusive UV resistant hardcoat for outdoor applications passing over 2000 hours in Xenon Arc chambers.


Tekra’s Terrapin® on polyester is designed to be optically clear, highly resistant to scratching, and provide excellent protection from chemical solvents and cleaners.  Primarily for opto-electronic use, these hardcoated films are excellent as the top layer of a flat panel or LCD display, due to the high priority for scratch and chemical resistance during product design. 

Two products are available in the Terrapin® family.  Both offer high pencil hardness in addition to maximum optical clarity and chemical resistance.  Terrapin S is slightly more flexible and designed to be thermoformable, a useful feature in some touchscreen and lens applications.  Like Terrapin S, Terrapin G is also flexible, while providing the highest rating for pencil hardness and chemical resistance.

  • ProTek Velvet Texture Heat Stabilized Hardcoated Polyester

    • Velvet surface texture
    • Enhanced scratch resistance
    • Excellent abrasion resistance
    • Outstanding embossing and die-cutting
  • ProTek Fine Texture Hardcoated Polyester

    • Allows the ability to first surface decorate beyond first pass
    • Excellent chemical, scratch & abrasion resistance
    • Uses thermally stabilized base film (HS)
    • Second surface printability with solvent and UV inks
    • First surface printability with clear, matte and texture UV cure inks
  • ProTek Fine Texture HS Maxpass Hardcoated Polyester

    • Heat stabilized base film
    • Allows higher levels of UV printable performance with at least 20 passes with adhesion scores of 3 or better
    • Enhanced scratch & abrasion resistance
    • Outstanding for embossing and die cutting
  • ProTek Weatherable Clear Hardcoated Polyester

    • Blocks 99% of UV light < 6% UV at 380nm
    • Certified 2000 hours of simulated weathering in a Xenon Arc Chamber
    • Protects film from yellowing and embrittlement
    • Protects underlying ink from adhesion loss and leaching