Ink for Flexible Displays

Flexible display technologies are reliant upon unique printed solutions for the devices to function as they are designed under diverse conditions. Tekra offers Henkel engineered ink compositions for these applications including transparent conductors and protective topcoats, printable dot spacers, UV dielectrics, and fine line silver inks for busbar support.

Offering unique solutions that are both additive adaptable and cost effective for a variety of display devices. These ink compositions, in combination with protective top layers, deliver reliable results for industrial touchscreens, backlight switches, keyless entry devices, printed LED lighting and shielding.

An introductory listing of our recommended products for ITO adhesion follows:

Silver Busbar Ink:

  • EDAG-461SS
  • ECI 1006 (extreme fine line)

Dielectric Ink:

  • ML-25265


  • PD-038

Flexible Displays Conductive Inks Products


  • Conductive
  • Screen printable
  • Excellent screen residence time
  • Flexible low temperature drying cycles
  • Excellent adhesion to poloyester film and other Acheson silver inks

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