Conductive Inks for Printed Resistors and Heating Elements

Using ink to print conductive resistors has been a proven method of printed electronics for decades. Inks with set activation permit the printing of sensors and resistors with varying resistance values used in a wide variety of applications including heated floors, walls and variable potentiometers.

Tekra is unique in that we are a natural distribution extension of Henkel Electronics and their diverse offerings of printed resistors, potentiometers and heating elements. Our product selection is innovative and comprehensive. A summary of our recommended products for resistor applications is categorized below:

Printed Resistors / Heating Elements:

  • Loctite ECI 1010 (silver ink)
  • Minico M-3000 series (carbon ink)
  • Minico M-3000 series can be blended together to adjust resistance

Printed Potentiometers:

  • Minico M-4100 (silver ink)
  • Minico M-2000 MOD2 Series (carbon resistor ink)
  • Minico M-7000 Blue (dielectric ink)

Printed Resistors and Heating Elements Conductive Inks Products


  • One component
  • Screen printable
  • Insulating dielectric
  • High resistance to heat and humidity

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