Plastic Film Options for Toner Printers

Dry toner based roll or sheet printing systems were generally considered as presses which print just paper at a high rate of speed.  With the changing technologies and Tekra’s ToneKote™ line of digitally printable plastic films, printing just paper is no longer the norm.

ToneKote™ is Tekra’s specially treated substrate brand optimized for use on dry toner based print systems.  A wide variety of plastic film and substrates, when treated with our toner receptive coating, are now printable with toner based presses.  Our coating greatly enhances the toner adhesion with high color definition to plastic films.   The coating also helps deflect some of the inherent heat in toner based presses, allowing low temperature threshold substrates to be printable via toner.

Tekra’s line of ToneKote products provides tear resistance, water and dirt resistance, and durability.  With improved application longevity over paper, signage and other point-of purchase applications can now be replaced less frequently, resulting in a cost savings of the end user.

ToneKote media has been successfully printed on dry toner based roll or sheet printing systems, such Xeikon, Xerox iGen, Konica Minolta, Canon, and other similar technologies.  However, due to the various types of toner equipment, Tekra strongly recommends that these products be tested through your complete manufacturing process.  Tekra is happy to provide free ToneKote samples for your testing purposes.

ToneKote Films & Substrate Products Include:

  • Polyester
  • Rigid Vinyl
  • Label Stocks with Permanent Adhesive
  • Label Stocks with Removable Adhesive

ToneKote™ Plastic Films for Toner Printers Products


  • Good adhesion to toner, UV cure inks and flexographic inks
  • Conventional typical ink (solvent type) is available
  • Anti-static

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