Polyester Performance Films

Tekra is the leading distributor of DuPont Teijin Films™ (DTF) polyester, including the expanding line of Melinex® TCH products for the flexible electronics market. “Melinex TCH” is a new DTF series of optically clear PET films that afford Design Engineers freedom to choose from a variety of functional product types.

Index Matched Films

DTF primer is applied to reduce haze and eliminate iridescence resulting from mismatched refractive index coating layers. The applied coating science of “Melinex TCH” provides for a low bloom, crystal clear surface for transparent conductor film manufacturers. Films are available index matched one side (TCH11) or two (TCH12) sides.

Ultra Violet (UV) Stabilized Films

Super clear polyester films engineered to block UV transmission, while retaining superior mechanical and optical properties. Available in either 200 ga (Melinex TCHUV22) or 500 ga (Melinex TCHUV24), Melinex TCHUV products continue to function highly, while moving the UV transmittance cut-off to about 375 nm.

Thermally Stabilized Films

Dimensionally stable “ST” polyester technology (150°C for 30 mins) can be applied to either Melinex TCH / STCH index matched, or Melinex TCHUV / STCHUV stable film types. The heat stabilization process assures product consistency and continuity in downstream processing of PET films.

​​Standard polyester films are subject to a “blooming” phenomena when subject to high processing temperatures. This interaction can result in an increase in the film’s haze, potentially raising it to unacceptable levels for optically sensitive applications (i.e. consumer electronics, etc.). Also, secondary application of functional hardcoats can create mismatched refractive index layers. The resulting iridescence, or ‘rainbow’ effect, manifests itself in low lighting conditions on appliance appliques and overlays. Additional applications that benefit from using an index matched DTF primer include: Touch Sensors and ITO Replacement Transparent Conductors.

Tekra, A Division of EIS, Inc., has been a proud partner of DuPont Teijin Films™ brand of innovative polyester film types, for more than 25 years. Our manufacturing & converting expertise in the areas of functional coated PET base films, provides a knowledge resource complementary to our customer’s next generation product development needs.


    • Superior optics
    • Index matched one side
    • Heat stabilized
    • Low bloom properties

    • Superior optics
    • Index matched two sides
    • Heat stabilized
    • Low bloom properties