Plastic Film Products for Latex Printers

The newest generation of inkjet press technology use latex inks.  Tekra's JetView™ Latex Inkjet plastic films, including polycarbonate and polyester, are optimized films designed for use with these water-based latex inks.  The polycarbonate and polyester films offer superior performance and unparalleled ink anchorage.  The inks have immediate adhesion and immediate dry time.

JetView Latex Inkjet polycarbonate and polyester films are used extensively with the HP Latex 3000 and 3500 presses and some have been run successfully on the HP Latex 360 press.  Additional testing on other latex inkjet press models are ongoing.  Common applications using JetView Latex Inkjet polycarbonate and polyester include backlit signs, point of purchase signs and reverse print applications. 

JetView™ Latex Inkjet - Plastic Films for Latex Inkjet Printers Products


  • Excellent Latex and UV ink adhesion
  • Brilliant print quality across the color spectrum
  • Extra 'pop' when paired with a light source
  • Can be front-lit or back-lit
  • Removable adhesive
  • One-step window graphic

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