3M™ Adhesive Medical Tapes

3M™ Medical Materials and Technologies has stick-to-skin products suitable for the medical device, clinical diagnostics and the retail marketplace. Pressure sensitive adhesive products include:

  • Film Tapes- 3M makes a wide variety of both single and double coated film tapes. Products range from breathable to occlusive with adhesion levels ranging from gentle to aggressive.
  • Nonwoven & Fabric Tapes- These tapes provide excellent conformability and breathability for extended wear applications. Printable options are also available.
  • Foam Tapes- Foam tapes provide soft, cushiony alternatives to film and non-woven tapes. Because foam tapes are thicker, they often adhere better to flanges or skin.
  • Closure systems- 3M™ Low Profile Hook and Loop are specially designed for stick to skin applications.
  • Release liners- Paper and film liners are available in a variety of gauges.
  • Transfer Tapes- Hypoallergenic acrylate adhesives as well as new EtO sterilization compatible series of silicone pressure sensitive tapes are also available.
  • Hydrocolloid adhesives- These skin friendly attachment adhesives are recommended for applications involving longer wear durations. These adhesives also release easily from the skin.

Many different variables need to be taken into consideration when selecting a 3M™ Medical Materials and Technologies tape. Uncontrolled variables such as basic human factors (race, diet, health, environment and age) can all play a role in how a tape will perform. When designing a product, it's easiest to focus on controlled variables such as breathability, conformability, tape thickness and size of the overall size of the contact area. Tekra can help choose the right tape combination for your medical project.

Check out the 3M™ Converter Markets Selection Guide for more product details.

3M™ Medical Materials and Technologies Products

Backing/carrier fluid resistance


  • Hypoallergenic pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Transparent
  • EtO and gamma sterilization compatible
  • Good adhesion to skin


  • EtO, Steam & Gamma sterilization compatible
  • Clear strong film tape
  • Heavy weight release liner
  • Easy to apply
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