Food Lidding and Sealant Films Market

  • At Tekra, we know plastic films­—particularly polyester films. After 25 years, our partnership with DuPont polyester films continues to grow into an exciting market segment: Mylar® polyester lidding and sealant films. At DuPont, a dedicated research and development team has paired a high quality Mylar® polyester film with a unique heat seal technology that makes a product vital for the success in food packaging applications. We work with you to create a reliable seal, with an easy peel for the consumer.

    Tekra provides a range of services, including:

    • Custom slitting and packaging for a total material solution
    • Short term warehousing for just-in-time ordering
    • Recommended partners for printing and perforation needs
    • Technical support and excellent customer service


    Today’s consumers make buying decisions based quality and convenience. The film component of the packaging design is essential to branding a superior product. Whether you need to extend the shelf life of fresh cut produce, or effectively self-vent for freezer to oven applications —we have a solution for you.

    A film based construction is vital to a wide range of food applications, including:

    • Grab-and-go salads
    • Fresh cut produce
    • Clam shell replacement
    • Chilled ready meals
    • Frozen meals
    • Ovenable flow wrap
    • Sandwich trays


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    A Case in Point

    Packers are moving to replace clamshells not only for the benefit of consumers, but for cost reduction and visual appeal. Choosing a film and tray construction have real cost saving benefits that directly impact the bottom line:

    • 25% to 40% reduction in packaging material
    • Improved shelf life with customized O2 and CO2 exchange and moisture management
    • Transportation savings with improved stacking
    • High end graphics allow for branding and better shelf appeal

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    Product Overview

    Fresh Produce Packaging Films: Mylar® Harvest Fresh line of packaging film for fresh cut produce to give products maximum longevity through expert attention to respiration rates and shelf life.

    Frozen Food Packaging Films: Oven ready and microwavable Mylar® polyester lidding film solutions are custom tailored for adhesion to various tray substrates.

    Chilled Ready Meal Packaging Films: Provide fresh, on-the-go solutions for the consumer with anti-fog and corona treated Mylar® polyester film options.

    Ovenable Packaging Films: The self-venting and temperature resistant properties of Mylar® polyester films allow for freezer to oven convenience.