3M microfluidics

3M™ Microfluidic Diagnostic Tapes in PCR & ELISA testing including COVID-19

December 2020
Tekra offers 3M Microfluidic Tape commonly used in ELISA and PCR tests, including those done for COVID-19.

Tekra News Volume 11 No. 1

November 2020
Follow along as we highlight the results of our Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Printing United virtual tradeshow, our new ProTek® Weatherable Polyester, and much more!

Printing United 2020 Featured Products

October 2020
It’s hard to choose just one product to feature, so we picked a few of our favorites that are sure to become your favorites too!
3M™ Performance Label Materials

3M™ Performance Label Materials, Water-Based Inkjet Printable

October 2020
Water-based Inkjet printing on non-porous substrates such as plastic can be difficult. 3M has recently introduced several water-based inkjet printable label materials that print with great resolution and at a low cost per area! Even better, these materials do not require any additional top coating or priming and are even UL recognized with several different water-based inkjet systems.
3M™ Specialty Tape

Featured Product - 3M™ Specialty Tape Solutions

August 2020
Tekra offers 3M™ Specialty Tape, such as 3M™ Vinyl Tape and 3M™ Aluminum Tape. These 3M™ single coated tapes meet a wide variety of application challenges.

Tekra News Volume 10 No. 4

June 2020
Highlights in this edition of the Tekra Newsletter include Tekra joining SWM, Versatile Printed PTC Carbon Resistors, Plastic Films & Adhesives for Face Shields, a guide to our weatherable products, and more.

Featured Product - 3M™ Lighting Films

December 2019
3M™ Lighting Films are polymeric based films providing much more efficient dispersion of light than traditional, coated aluminum. The films can be custom converted at Tekra.

Tekra News Volume 10 No. 3

December 2019
As we enter the New Year, Tekra looks to improve and remain an important resource for you. In this issue we go over new resources available, electronic assembly solutions, how to choose the right backlit media, the advantages of buying direct and much more!
Fingerprint Sensor Module

Tek Tip – How Electrically Conductive Tapes Work

September 2019
3M™ Electrically Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes are designed for use in a variety of electronics assembly operations. Learn how they provide many advantages over traditional, conventional soldering processes used for grounding, mechanical fasteners and assembly.

Tekra News Volume 10 No. 1

July 2019
Heat up your summer with the latest in Tekra News! We dive into a label topcoat that supports six print methods, ease of processing with Tekra hardcoated films, and the latest from Printing United.


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