Featured Product - DuPont Teijin Films™ Melinex AG2

  • Expanding its polyester product portfolio into the medical healthcare industry, Tekra now offers DuPont Teijin Films™ Melinex® AG2. Offered in either 4 mil or 4.5 mil (400 - 450 ga), Melinex® AG2 is an ideal choice for surgical masks or medical face shields, Melinex® AG2 is an optically clear polyester film (<1% haze) coated two surfaces for Anti-fog and Anti-glare reduction. In addition to providing maximum splash protection for medical practitioners, Melinex® AG2 is performance optimized with reduced fogging and reduced eye fatigue properties for extended wear use.

    These product features make Melinex® AG2 suitable for use in dental, laboratory and medical office applications including disposable face shields, visors, and other temporary optical and industrial end uses.

    Typical properties for Melinex® AG2 are shown on the chart below:

      Property   Typical Values Units Test Method
    Physical Thickness   4.0, 4.5 mils micrometer
      Area Yield   4.0 mil - 5035 in²/lb  
          4.5 mil - 4475    
      Tensile Strength MD 22,000 psi ASTM D882A
        TD 24,000    
      Tensile Elongation MD 150 % ASTM D882A
        TD 100    
    Thermal Shrinkage MD 2.5 % DTF Test Method
        TD 1    
    Optical Total Luminous   96 % ASTM D1003
      Haze   0.9 % ASTM D1003