Featured Product - 3M™ Stretch Release Tape 6657-150

  • 3M™ Stretch Release Tape 6657-150 is a 6 mil double coated tape with a unique ability to be stretched in both parallel and perpendicular directions for clean removal without breaking. In addition. the tape can be easily removed without adhesive residue left behind. The construction of the tape consists of 1 mil of adhesive on both sides of a 4 mil polyurethane carrier.

    Some additional benefits include:

    • Easy to die-cut and laminate
    • Good UV and chemical resistance
    • Strong adhesion
    • Vibration resistance
    • No tape breakage
    • No adhesive residue

    Application ideas include:

    • Automotive - (i.e. battery bonding)
    • Circuit board bonding
    • General re-work applications

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3M™ Stretch Release Tape 6657-150