3M™ Sandblasting Tapes

Sandblast tapes used in sandblast stencil operationsTapes for Sandblasting Stencils

Tekra actively stocks and custom converts 3M™ Sandblasting Tapes to customer specification.  3M™ Sandblasting Tapes are used extensively in sandblast stencil operations on glass, wood, granite and other substrates.  They are specifically designed to hold during sandblasting operations and remove cleanly with no adhesive transfer or residue.


3M™ Sandblasting Tapes Data Sheets

NameFacestockAdhesive TypeMilLiner
33504 (470)vinylremovable3.4PE coated kraft
33518 (480)vinylremovable8PE coated kraft
33515 (490)vinylremovable15PE coated kraft

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